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In solidarity with feminism and Emma Watson: Lagerfeld for Chanel S/S15

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There is so much that wouldn’t have happened if it wasn’t for the rain. If it wasn’t raining and we weren’t standing out the front of a restaurant at 2 am sharing an umbrella I doubt we would have kissed in the first place

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F. Scott Fitzgerald, This Side of Paradise

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Just live. Not all of us ride horses, climb mountains, have our own gardens, work on 1950’s Land Rovers or what have ya, and that is a-ok. You don’t have to fit in the confines of living “old-school” or trying to be “genuine”. Do your day to day and enjoy that! Your journey is just as captivating as anyone’s, regardless of how many filters make it look good on @instagram. It’s okay to just live, no one can ask anything more from you, and you can only one-up it by living well. - 1924

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Never grow a wishbone, daughter, where your backbone ought to be.
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This picture is the reason I was late to class. #uoft #frontcampus #conhall #uc #campus #vsco

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The aliens watch as
two humans go to a talent show
and sit in the back row.
One of them is sobbing and the
other one moves further away.
Peculiar, the aliens think,
noticing a loud hum.

When the show is over,
both humans applaud along with everyone else.
The hum gets quieter as they
get up to leave, and the aliens
notice that they’re both crying, now.

Slowly, finally, the silhouette
of their bodies melts into one.

A quiet symphony. No hum.

The aliens compile a list of facts
to take back home with them:

1. The space between two people
has a voice.
2. Crying sounds like singing.
3. Bravery looks like a stage.
4. They clap their hands because they
are looking for an excuse to hold

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Above us, only stars. Below us, only stars. To all sides, only stars. Inside us, only stars.
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It’s a beautiful day in the neighbourhood☀️🙏#uoft #campus

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spotlight on #conhall #uoft

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